Alessio Sundas’ extraordinary skills

Alessio Sundas’ extraordinary skills
Football is full of dynamic and prepared characters who know how to achieve the required goals with their know-how and thanks to their preparation.
Rare cases are those who manage to find new spaces and new frontiers on which to focus: they bring important news for everyone thanks to their way of thinking in addition to the schemes they create.
These are people with extraordinary abilities.
Alessio Sundas, what kind of character is he? I leave the final choice to you.
He was born in Tuscany, near the city of Florence (Italy) in 1971 and he early demonstrated his creativity and managerial skills in the most varied ways.
Sundas graduated in physiotherapy when he was 20 years old but he completely changed the direction of work after a year of activity and he began to work in advertising marketing.
In 2000 he began working as a sports manager dealing with sponsorship research for sportsmen and football clubs: he obtained great results thanks to the numerous knowledge acquired over the years and thanks to his persuasive and engaging attitude that characterize him.
The first important market operations were conducted with the arrival of important players in important clubs such as Parma Calcio and Cecchi Gori’s Fiorentina.
As the time passed, Sundas tried to take root in the world of football, also focusing on clubs.
In recent years the sports agent followed several negotiations, he proposed himself as an intermediary for the purchase of many Italian and foreign football clubs, above all: ACF Fiorentina, Pisa Calcio, AS Livorno Calcio, SS Calcio Bari, Como 1907, Genoa CFC, Benevento Calcio, Palermo SSD, Hellas Verona FC, Inter FC, Parma Calcio, Venezia FC, AC Chievo Verona, Pro Piacenza, Udinese Calcio, Frosinone Calcio and also abroad, especially in Cordoba FC in Portugal.
The other foreign clubs contacted were FC Chiasso (Switzerland), Lincoln Red (Switzerland), Istria (in Croatia) and Lugano (in Switzerland).
One of the greatest professional satisfactions of the Florentine manager was that of having collaborated with Real Madrid CF searching for sponsors for the restructuring of the new Bernabeu.
Sundas is also well known for initiatives created for the good of football clubs, fans and for entertainment in general.
A very interesting initiative was the owned stadiums matter: Sundas was the first to contact the mayors of various Italian cities proposing himself as intermediary between the Municipality and the club to better match supply and demand.
Sundas’ idea was to give to the clubs the possibility of obtaining greater revenues from the use of their own stadium, also adapting to the European standards.
Alessio Sundas is one step ahead in his work: he was the one who invented a revolutionary method whereby every talented boy or girl eager to shine and to get involved, he/she can try to have his/her moment showing off and to change his life during an important audition.
The “VPM” method for the marketing promotion of the athlete manages to enhance and make known the athlete’s technical data sheet to the clubs, thus giving the player the opportunity to make himself known and appreciated by the clubs.
If a good player is not known, nobody knows that he/she exists and we should not forget it.
For this reason, enhancement and promotion are fundamental for those who really want to improve his/her sports profile.
Sundas also had the honor of having one of his athletes at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
The volcanic Sundas has also develops another ambitious project called Academy Sport Man.
This Academy admits players who are already trained, but they have to be recovered. How many times complete athletes freeze during their journey? Well, the Academy has the answer: it has the aim of recovering these players. An important enhancement from the physical and mental point of view for the benefit of the player and therefore also of the club that finds the athlete ready to face new challenges.
Another important result that came from the brilliant mind of Sundas was that of the national academy (for male and female players).
Each club contacted had the pleasure of reading the revolutionary project to restore prestige to the Italian youth football in order to make it great again as in the past.
At the end of a course the best 16 years old athletes will be presented to the National team coach.
During the course, the technical data sheets of the players will be sent to the observers of the major Italian and foreign clubs.
Sundas was always close to women’s football sector, his Sport Man agency also works for the affirmation of the women’s football movement, increasingly under mediatic and non-mediatic attacks.
Sundas was among the first to believe in the women’s football sector that is very active and satisfying abroad: Sundas received a mandate to search sponsors and market manager with clubs that play in the Women’s A Series.
Sundas was among the architects of the great operation made with the Brazilian player Andressa, from FC Barcelona to AS Roma bringing class and strength also in the Italian championship.
Alessio Sundas’ operations are not limited to the players’ enhancement, but they also concern the improvement of the Italian football movement.
Sundas was of the creator of the “Save the football clubs” project: he tries to support the needs of Italian managers regarding the use and concession of sports facilities, but also regarding the protection of the clubs that are more often involved in economic crises and in bankruptcies.
The international players agent Alessio Sundas is also known for having sent to the highest levels of FIGC (Italian Football Federation ), UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) several proposals such as: the Rule of One (it regulates the number of passes to the goalkeeper and the passes are limited), the Football Fan Credit (a system that reward the fans with a right behavior and strongly sanction the violent fans), the increasement of the substitutions from three to six (so that more players can play), the reform of the non-EU players’ membership in women’s football from two to six, the return to the prize games as in the past to fight ludopathy, and the Eagle Eye (supporters can also see the VAR and say their opinion on social media).
Lately Sundas worked a lot against racism: he proposed to FIGC, UEFA and FIFA to install cameras pointed at the supporters and he proposed to involve the police forces to ensure that the violent are immediately recognized and stopped. The FIGC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and the Interior, are studying the way to implement this project.
Here there are other initiatives proposed by Sundas to International Federations:
The increase the non-EU players because “passion cannot have geographical boundaries, the show on the field is part of the football’s magic and the non-EU players create fun on the green rectangle”.
Alessio Sundas wants to go all the way officially asking to the football’s institutions to carefully consider the proposal to increase the presence of non-European players to at least 50% of the athletes deployed on the field.
The prohibition to head for under 14 players: this is a revolutionary proposal that protect the children’s health who may have serious head problems during football matches.
The overflowing Alessio Sundas has also proposed to change the coach’s way of choice: he wants to give voice to the supporters creating a platform where every subscriber and uncensored fan can vote among a shortlist of coaches proposed by the club in order to decide the coach of the team.
Finally, just in these days, Sundas sent a proposal to FIFA in order to allow a new generational change and to protect young athletes: “The last professional contract can be signed up to the player’s twenty-ninth year of age, after which the athlete can become the mental coach of the new players to enhance them”.
In this way there will be constantly a renewal and young players will no longer make mistakes as they will be followed by important players.
In the meantime, the famous players will have acquired a sporting awareness that will be useful not only to guide through their career.
Alessio Sundas dreams the world championships full of great champions and he is trying to do his best to bring Lionel Messi in an Italian club. Napoli, Inter, Juventus and Fiorentina have been contacted to start a series of negotiations with Barcelona.
In December 2019 the player’s agent Alessio Sundas contacted Lionel Messi and his club to ask if there was the possibility for the Argentine football star to move in the MLS American championship, but the Catalan club affirmed Barcelona FC didn’t want to lose the best player of the world.
This is only the tip of the Iceberg called Alessio Sundas.
To you the judgment on this person who, according to many, simply has extraordinary skills.